Want Your Dream Body This Summer? 

Here Are 5 Reasons Why 10,759+ Black and Brown Women Religiously Rub This Cream On Their Stretch Marks 

1. It's the ONLY Stretch Mark Specially Formulated For Black and Brown Skin   

Our stretch mark cream is made from Organic African and Island Oils scientifically proven to fade stretch marks. And it works especially well on Black and Brown skin.

2. It's Made With Clean Ingredients That Repair Your Skin

Forget cheap creams made of gross filler ingredients. Our stretch mark cream is made with premium ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin to repair damaged collagen and elastin fibers and reverse stretch marks. 

3. Used By Instagram Models

Instagram models all over the country like Vonnie, use this cream to fade and prevent stretch marks. Keeping them snatched and flawless.

4. It Makes Your Friends Jealous

Our stretch mark cream works so well that you're not the only one who's going to notice. Your girlfriends will beg to know your secret to fading stretch marks. It's up to you if you want to share it with them. 

5. You Can Buy Now and Pay Later With AfterPay

We believe that beauty should never break the bank. Which is why we've made sure to provide a cream at a great price AND include a payment plan. Every mom deserves to be able to use Island Beauty Secrets.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

This stuff is my savior. I cannot believe how much it's helped with my stretch marks. My dermatologist said the only way I could fix these stretch marks were with laser. And here I am using a cream from Instagram and they're disappearing day by day 😭

- Giselle G. 

Amazing! I used dozens of products that failed so I was super skeptical to try this stuff. But they have a 180 day money back guarantee so they give you time to get results. I ordered a 5 pack, applied everyday, and prayed. And now my stretch marks are barely visible

- Lynn F. 

I love, love, LOVE this cream! OMG my butt looks so good! I can't stop staring in the mirror. And my boyfriend keeps grabbing it and ahhh I cannot believe this worked. It's almost the end of summer so I guess Imma be wearing a bikini in the fall cause my butt looks GOOD!

- Tamika M.