Tired Of Fighting Eczema Breakouts?  

Here Are 5 Reasons Why 5,759+ Black and Brown Women Religiously Rub This Cream On Their Eczema 

1. It's the ONLY Eczema Cream Specially Formulated For Black and Brown Skin   

Our eczema relief cream is made from Organic African and Island Oils scientifically proven to repair and heal eczema & dermatitis. And it works especially well on Black and Brown skin.

2. It's Made With Clean Ingredients That Repair Your Skin

Forget steroid creams that cause more damage to your skin. And say bye bye to generic creams that only hydrate your skin for a few hours.

Our eczema relief cream is made with premium ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin to soothe itch & irritation, lock in hydration, and restore balance back into your skin. 

3. It Prevents Future Flare Ups

Eczema Relief Cream helps to rebalance the microbiome in your skin. This gives you relief and even prevents future flare ups by strengthening your skin barrier and preventing inflammation. 

4. It Made For Super Sensitive Skin
(Even Babies Can Use It!)

Made with all natural plant oils Eczema Relief Cream is gentle on your skin. There are NO steroids, fragrances, or nasty filler ingredients. We made sure to formulate a cream that will give anyone relief. 

5. You Can Buy Now and Pay Later With AfterPay

Steroid creams are overpriced and don't give lasting relief. Which is why we've made sure to provide a cream that's not only gentle and high quality but at great price. AND there's a payment plan!Everyone deserves to use Island Beauty Secrets!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PRODUCT. Nothing else has worked for my eczema like this has and I truly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a permanent fix! It's all natural and made with 4 key ingredients (which I love, because nothing is hidden from you-- you know EXACTLY what you're putting on your skin!).

- Keira Phillips 

Was very skeptical when I bought it but decided to buy it anyways. I’ve dealt with eczema for my whole life and have used millions of creams etc. recently my eczema was flaring up, I tried this and saw progress in just a couple days. Plus I love it’s natural because I’ve tried steroid creams and did not want to continue having to rely on those.

- Mariama 

Saw this advertised on instagram. I was skeptical but willing to try anything for my 7 month old suffering from bad eczema. I wanted to use something natural instead of the 2.5 percent prescribed by the doctor. This true worked miraculously and almost immediately she barely itches if at all and the effect seems to last days! I’m so grateful! Will definitely order again!

- Myrna L.