An Open Letter To All Women: 

Esthetician Reveals Her Biggest Secret For Fading Stubborn Stretch Marks Even If They’re 10+ Years Old! 

By Ashlynn Branson

5 min read

Hey girl, 

My name is Ashlynn Branson and I’ve been an esthetician for over 10 years. 

In that time, I’ve worked on women of all skin types and colors. And recently the success of my work has put me in contact with some of the most well known influencers and models in America. 

Despite working with women from all backgrounds, with all skin types, and all skin colors, there’s one skin problem that affects us all…

Stretch Marks. 

– Now, please don’t start with the “stretch marks can’t be fixed” and “there’s nothing you can do” comments because it’s not true. In fact, studies show a few plant oils that are proven to fade and in some cases, ELIMINATE stretch marks. 

Don’t get me wrong, most women try dozens of creams and oils that never end up helping their stretch marks…

And I feel like that’s why a lot of women assume “there’s nothing you can do to fix stretch marks”...

Or even why many women say they’re proud of their stretch marks…

I feel like we say those things because we're tired of wasting our time, money, and energy on products that don't work!

And if there's nothing we can do help fade them, we might as well learn to love them...

But thankfully, there IS something that's proven to fade stretch marks, no matter how old they are. 

I spent hours reading studies and clinical trials to find something to fade stretch marks. 

Because my stretch marks ruined my self confidence and self worth. 

And I COULD NOT go my whole life embarrassed to wear a bikini or get naked in front of my man.

When I had my baby, I remember feeling like I lost all my sexiness...

I hated looking at my stomach in the mirror.

But luckily as an esthetician, I knew there were things I could do to make my stretch marks fade…

And that’s what I’m going to share with you today! 

But before I share the secret to fading stretch marks, it's important remember one thing…

Stretch marks do not heal overnight! I repeat, Stretch marks do not heal overnight! 

You need to remember that! Because if you want to get real results, you're going to have to stick with it! 

Fading stretch marks is a lot like losing weight. You don't really notice any change at first...

Then one day, you wake up, and it's like your stretch marks disappeared overnight!

Now I do have a dirty little secret that will help you fade your stretch marks 10x faster...

A few doctors just confirmed this special technique and it's been working AMAZING for my clients. 

I'll reveal how to speed up your results soon...

But first, let me show you the trick to fading stretch marks...

You MUST Know What To Look For When It Comes To Stretch Mark Products

Do NOT use products that: 

- Bleach your skin 

- Burn your skin 

- Use harsh chemicals 

These products just damage your skin even more. Some of them even burn the top layers of your skin off and call it “results”. 

No ma'am.

Burning off your skin is NOT going to help fade your stretch marks. 

You also want to stay away from products with fragrances and a bunch of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. 

These chemical, lab made ingredients are cheap knock off versions of real, natural plant oils. And they don’t work. 

The problem is - 99% of stretch mark products have these nasty ingredients. And that’s why they don’t work! 

It’s not that it's impossible to fade stretch marks, it’s that you’ve been using products that are full of crap ingredients that don’t work! 

Here Are The 3 'MUST HAVES' When It Comes To Fading Stretch Marks

Just one important thing: 

Once you find out what these are, you’ll be tempted to grab them from your nearest supermarket or online store. However….


This will do nothing but burn a bigger hold in your pocket. I’ll explain exactly why that is later. First, let’s cover what they are: 

Must Have #1: Gotu Kola

It’s the #1 plant oil proven to repair and create elastin fibers (aka fade stretch marks).

Elastin fibers are what pull your skin back in place after it’s been stretched. Think of them like a rubber band that snaps back into place after being stretched. 

The problem is - your body stops producing elastin fibers around puberty. And over the years, these fibers get weaker and weaker. 

And just like an old rubber band, they get tears and can even snapped if pulled too far.

That’s why women who have babies at a younger age are able to “bounce back” faster and better. Because their elastin fibers are younger and stronger!

Pure, organic Gotu Kola Oil contains the needed nutrients to repair and create new elastin fibers. These fibers help pull back your stretched skin and repair your stretch marks.

And if you combine Gotu Kola oil with a few other ingredients its proven to work even better…

Must Have #2: Kukui Nut 

This powerful plant oil promotes the sloughing of dead skin cells to create space for new cells. This oil will help flush out old, broken collagen fibers and boost production of new collagen. 

It also gives more room to help Gotu Kola create new elastin fibers. 

No wonder Islanders have used it for centuries.

Must Have #3: Horsetail

This unique and powerful ingredient is an absolute treasure chest of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your skin. 

Plus it helps your skin to retain all the benefits from the other oils and ingredients. Locking everything in so your skin can get the full benefits. 

Now remember: 

Do NOT Grab These From Any Supermarket Or Online Store

Most of the stuff out there is either cheaply sourced or worse yet…

Totally ineffective! 

You see, a lot of companies look for the cheapest place to get ingredients to put in their products. 

These cheap alternatives don't have all the needed nutrients that the real, organic ingredients contain.

It’s no surprise so many women get frustrated with the lack of results! 

But there's one company that always uses pure, organic ingredients...

This is what I used for my stretch marks…

And what I recommend to anyone who wants to fade their stretch marks (no matter how old their stretch marks are)...

My #1 Choice Is Island Beauty Secrets Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream 

They go through the absolute most to source the highest quality ingredients from around the world…

Their Gotu Kola Oil is imported directly from the Islands of Madagascar...

Their Kukui Nut Oil is sourced directly from Hawaii...

And all their other ingredients are thoroughly checked and inspected before they’re approved to go into their cream.

This cream is definitely effective at fading Stretch Marks on it's own…

But I've found a dirty, little secret to make it work even faster and more effective for stubborn stretch marks...

My Dirty Little Secret To Fade Stretch Marks Faster And Get Better Results...

I had to use around 6 jars of their stretch mark cream to get my results...

Which I gotta say, it actually not that bad considering it's a pretty affordable cream. 

It's much better than getting surgery or laser. 

But with my new found secret, you'll fade your stretch marks much faster...

The secret is all about getting the cream to penetrate to the deeper layers of your skin. 

Stretch marks occur in the dermis layer. The second layer of your skin. 

If you have really thick skin or a lot of scarring tissue, it's hard for the cream to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin...

But when you combine the cream with a dermaroller, all the nutrients will be able to heal and repair the damage in the deeper layers of your skin. 

The dermaroller makes super tiny holes in your skin that allow products to penetrate deeper so you can get the full benefits. 

Check out the results...

Time after time I tell my clients to try Island Beauty Secrets. And after a few months of using it, they always come back and show me how much their stretch marks have faded. 

A lot of them even say it’s helped to tighten their loose skin!!

Now you know how all these influencers and models have babies without a trace of stretch marks!

But don't just take my word for it...

See the results for yourself!

Island Beauty Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream faded my stretch marks and it's doing the same for all my clients! 

No wonder it's the fastest growing Stretch Mark Cream among influencers and models and women everywhere!

And it works on all stretch marks, no matter where they are or how old they are. 

Raised Stretch Marks

35 Year Old Stretch Marks

Breast Stretch Marks

Underarm Stretch Marks

Special Limited Time Offer (FREE GIFT)! 

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Remember my dirty little secret to getting better faster results? Their 5 jar bundle now also comes with a FREE derma roller! Bumping your total savings up to $125!

And if it's your first time ordering from them, you're going to save even more!! Because their new customers get 15% off their order!

I tell all my clients to take advantage of this deal. 

And if you really want to fade your stretch marks, I'd say take advantage of this limited time offer as well! 


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