The #1 Stretch Mark Product Of 2023

(And How You Save BIG) 

**Nov 14th Update:
This kit is expected to sell out in the next 7 days

Tired of using failed products and at home remedies to fade your stretch marks?

I know your struggle girl...

After I had my baby, there was nothing I wanted more than to have my old body back. I wasted hundreds of dollars on failed stretch marks products. But after years of searching, my friends and I have finally found a product that's worked for ALL 3 of us!

Ever since we've found this product, it's blown up and
 is becoming EXTREMELY hard to order.

A lot of the models and influencers here in Miami are obsessing over it and I heard it's gaining a lot of popularity with the girls in LA too. 

It's a stretch mark kit from a new brand that has partnered with one of the top estheticians in the country to perfect their stretch mark cream.

Their brand is less than a year old and their product has already helped nearly 10,000 women fade their stretch marks. 



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"It's my before bed essential, the difference
makes me cry tears of joy" - Riri

Key Features

Island Beauty Stretch Mark Vanishing Kit

Pricing: Was $50 per jar


  • 5,225+ 5 Star Reviews

  • Fades In 28 Days 

  • 2 Free Gifts (Valued $50)

  • Esthetician Backed

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • 180 Day Guarantee

  • Trusted By Models 

How To Get It

Extremely Low Stock 14,033 Women PreOrdered In Past 30 Days


    This kit is designed to work fast. Most women see noticeable improvement in their stretch marks by day 28!


    Made of 100% natural ingredients safe for sensitive skin. Use safely by thousands of pregnant moms. 


    If you are not totally satisfied with the product, return it within 180 days for a full refund!

I Bought And Tested The Most Popular Stretch Mark Products, Here's Why The Island Beauty Kit Is My #1

I'm a thick girl so I've always known a thing or two about stretch marks. But I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that put my body through hell. And even after losing all my baby weight, I couldn't find a product to fade all my stretch marks. 

I tried a handful of stretch marks products in the past with no luck, but I didn't care too much because my stretch marks weren't that noticeable.

But there was no way I could handle all the stretch marks on my belly and hips. 

I didn't even consider looking for a new cream or oil because I thought none of them worked. I went straight to scheduling laser surgery (I wasn't about to play around with these stretch marks lol). 

But a few weeks before my surgery, my friend DM'd me a video of a stretch mark cream that I kept seeing all over Instagram. I saw a lot of the models I followed used it, so I decided to give it a shot!

Plus, something about it was different...the girls that used it, the feeling of the brand, the packaging, it all seemed like it was made for me!

And the product didn't disappoint. It had a light cocoa butter scent and all the ingredients were all natural and safe.

But what I think made this cream different from everything else was WHERE they got their ingredients...

Their plant oils are imported fresh from Islands like Madagascar and HawaiiI had no idea why that was such a big deal at first...

But later I learned plants grown in their natural habitat have more healing nutrients and are more effective than plants that are grown somewhere else.

Island Beauty Secrets goes through the trouble to import their ingredients so their cream contains the most healing nutrients possible!

Which, by the way, is another reason why they're constantly running out of stock...

But does it really work??

Let Me SHOW You My Results After Using This
Stretch Mark Vanishing Kit...

So this is what my stomach looked before using the kit...

I worked hard to get down back to my weight before I was pregnant. But losing weight didn't help with the stretch marks. 

Looking in the mirror and still seeing stretch marks made me feel like I could never be the sexy woman I once was. 

I always wore cover ups at the pool, I never wore cute crop tops, and even getting intimate with my husband just didn't feel the same. 

Getting rid of my stretch marks was a BIG deal to me. If this stuff didn't work, I was going to get laser surgery

But it worked so I didn't have to...

This is my stomach after using the kit for a little over a month...

There were moments where I thought it wasn't working and I almost gave up a few times. But towards the beginning of month 2, I saw enough progress to continue using the rest of my kit. 

I used the cream twice a day - in the morning after my shower and before bed. The cream is really thick and takes a while to rub in. It's actually very easy to use too much since it's so thick. 

I used the derma roller 3 times a week. It's recommended to not use it everyday to prevent your skin from getting too irritated. But you want to make sure to use it as much as possible because it helps the cream to get deeper in your skin. 

One of my favorite unexpected things about ordering this kit...

I think my favorite thing about ordering this kit is the emails I get from Island Beauty Secrets (no joke)...

Every week they send you photos of other women who are also using the kit to keep you encouraged. Using a cream everyday for weeks is hard, no matter how bad you want your stretch marks gone. It's very easy to forget to use it and then it makes you start to think the cream doesn't work...

 Being consistent is the most important (and hardest) part...and they know that! So it was super thoughtful of them to remind me to use it and share results from other women just like me.  

It feels like they really want you to get results and will help you with whatever you need.

I also love knowing models and influencers use it. Those women are literally PAID to look good. So to know they trust this kit to prevent and fade their stretch marks says a lot. 

And I'm not going to lie, using the kit makes you feel expensive. It's like the skincare version of eating at Nobu or driving a G-Wagon. My Miami girls know what I'm talking about loll.

 It just feels like luxury that's the best way to put it 🤣

So let me show you my final results after pretty much finishing the kit...

Here's what my stomach looks like now...

I'm at the end of my fifth jar and I'm soooo happy with my results so far! All my friends and family have gotten the kit and they love to use it as well! 

Overall, it's been a good experience using this kit. But I do have some complaints or things I wish were different...

My Only 3 Complaints

1. Depending on where your stretch marks are, using the derma roller can kinda hurt

It's a weird it kinda hurts, but it doesn't at the same time. It's very hard to describe. But it's definitely a must use if you want your stretch marks to fade!

2. You might have to reorder to fully fade your stretch marks.

I'm kinda torn between my feelings here. Like I was about to pay nearly $8,000 on laser stretch mark surgery - which by the way - DOES NOT guarantee your stretch marks to fade. 

But I decided to try this kit first, which costs around $150. After using the kit my stretch marks have faded a lot, but I almost expected them to be COMPLETELY gone. I think if I got another kit and used it everyday, my stretch marks would be completely really I would end up spending around $300.

Which would save me over $7,000 and help me avoid any surgery complications or issues. 

It's just hard to consistently use a product that long, so I just wish it worked faster. 

3. I have a feeling this cream is going to get insanely popular in the next few months and I think the price is going to nearly double.

This always happens when the girls in Miami and LA become obsessed with a product. It's constantly sold out and then the company has to raise prices to keep up with the demand. 

It's RARE to find a stretch mark cream that works this well, in fact I've never used anything that works this well.

And the fact that a small portion of models and influencers are already obsessed means there's only a matter of time before BIG names are also using it and posting it on their socials. 

The Kit is now available to the public so it could sell out any moment (if it hasn't already)...

You can check the availability by clicking the button below.

Hopefully there's a few kits left for you and your friends! Good luck girl 💗

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