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Derma Roller For Stretch Marks

Fade Stretch Marks Better And Faster With...

Island Beauty Derma Roller



Derma Rolling (microneedling) boosts collagen and elastin levels to help fade and smooth stretch marks

Derma Rolling with your Island Beauty Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream can accelerate results by up to 3 weeks!

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How Does It Work?

Dermarolling uses little tiny needles that make microscopic wounds that boost collagen and elastin production. 

This breaks up scar tissue in your skin and tells your body to repair the deeper layers skin (where your stretch marks scars form). 

Dermarolling also helps products better penetrate your skin. 

Women see much better results in quicker time by dermarolling with Island Beauty Stretch Mark Cream 

What Kind Of Stretch Marks Is It For?

Dermarolling will help fade and smooth every kind of stretch marks...

It's especially shown to help raised stretched marks that have more scar tissue. 

It also really helps older stretch marks that have more scar tissue. 

If you haven't seen much success with your Stretch Mark Cream so far, dermarolling will surely help you get better results! 

When Will I See Results?

More than 75% of women claim to see better, faster results by dermarolling with their stretch mark vanishing cream. 

Many women see their stretch marks noticeably faded within 2 weeks! 

Does It Hurt?

Not really. but it does feel a little prickly...

Stretch marks form scar tissue in the 2nd layer of your skin. So to fade them, you need to break up that deeper scar tissue. 

Using a dermaroller that's 1.5-2mm in length will make sure the needles get deep enough to repair the 2nd layer of your skin. 

When dermarolling it's best gently run the roller over your skin lightly. Never press hard into your skin with the dermaroller. 

How Often Should I Use It? 

Start once a week to see how your skin reacts to the needles.

If everything's looking good, you can increase the frequency to two or three times a week. 

Be sure to consistently apply your cream everyday and apply cream before and after dermarolling

Customer Results

Many women don't see noticeable results until using Island Beauty Stretch Mark Cream With A Dermaroller


Recent Reviews


Made a BIG difference 

So I used the cream by itself for a while but it wasn't really working. I decided to give it one more shot with a dermaroller and it made a world of a difference. 

My stretch marks were old and raised so it made sense why the cream didn't work as well on it's own. With the dermaroller I noticed them fading after 2 weeks.  

Josie H. 


For sure works better with this roller

I got my dermaroller free from purchasing 5 jars and I really didn't even need my 4th and 5th jar because I got results so fast. 

Just make sure not to use the dermaroller too much because it can irritate your skin if you use it everyday. But other than that it works a lot better and I'd recommend it. 

Madison L. 


Make sure to use their roller

I tried to use another roller off amazon and it wasn't working for me at first because the needles were too small. 

The bigger needles are a little freaky but you get used to using it. It feels like a cactus or something but it doesn't "hurt". Idk weird feeling. Definitely helped my stretch marks fade though. 

Kayla Hurts


In order to fade and smooth stretch marks, you have to repair the scar tissue in the deeper layers of your skin. 

Some women have skin that allows creams to easily penetrate to the deeper layer, while others have thicker skin that don't. 

Using a dermaroller with your Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream will help open up microscopic hole that allow the cream to reach the deeper layers of your skin. 

This helps get all the needed nutrients and ingredients to the stretch mark layer of skin for better healing and results. 

More than 75% of women who noticed little to no change without a dermaroller, saw drastic changes in two weeks after dermarolling with their stretch mark cream. 

"I faded my stretch marks that were 8 years old after using Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream for 4 weeks"


Stretch marks that are more than 5 years old greatly benefit from dermarolling. 

Older stretch marks have more scar tissue that's harder to break up. Dermarolling helps break up that scar to tissue to allow our Stretch Mark Cream to come in and create new skin fibers that pull your skin back into place and fade stretch marks. 

Stretch marks that are raised and "bumpy" to feel also benefit greatly from dermarolling. Thicker stretch marks prevent Stretch Mark Cream from being able to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and fade stretch marks. 

Dermarolling helps fade any kind of stretch mark faster and better...

But if you have old stretch marks, stretch marks that are raised, or both - dermarolling with your Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream will give you the fastest, best results!



Researchers from the University of Michigan found that one of the only ingredients that repairs both collagen and elastin fibers is Gotu Kola Oil.

This new plant oil significantly fades stretch marks, reduces scars, and improves skin elasticity.

In a study published by the National Institute of Health, they conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of cream containing Gotu Kola...

The results showed that women who applied the cream to their stretch marks had significant protection from stretch marks and loose skin compared to those with the placebo...

In fact, women who used Gotu Kola were half as likely to develop stretched, loose skin. 

Getting Gotu Kola to the deeper layer of your skin is required to see noticeable changes. Using a dermaroller will help the cream to penetrate your skin for the best results! 

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When will I receive my order

We ship out all orders in 2-5 business days with USPS priority shipping! You will receive your order in about 7 days or less from the the day you order! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

How long does a Derma Roller last? 

We recommend replacing your derma roller after 10 uses. 

Over time the needles on the dermaroller get dull and can cause scarring. In order to prevent any problems and to ensure the best results, we say replace your dermaroller after 10 uses (about a month long). 

Do I have to clean it? 

YES! You must sanitize your dermaroller before every use! Wash in hot water with soap and dry off with a clean paper towel before using! 

Feel free to google the best ways to clean your dermaroller before using. 

Island Beauty Secrets is not responsible for any skin infections or damage caused by dermarolling

Is this pregnancy safe? 

We recommend waiting to dermaroll until after you've given birth! But many customers dermaroll while pregnant without issue. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.